The Village Clinic


Dr. Eva Hemmerich

Medical Doctor & Clinic Director

(Mon, Wed)

After working in family practice for many years, Dr. Hemmerich saw the rise in drug toxicity and the tragedy of overdose deaths and started shifting her focus to addictions medicine. She saw the need for more accessibility to OAT (Opioid Agonist Therapy) and started the Comox Valley Addictions Clinic to bring more support to people struggling with substance use in the Valley.


Clinic Manager

(Mon, Tue, Wed)

Glowbug is the clinics stellar receptionist and the first point of contact for people coming into the clinic. Her warm, welcoming presence creates a safe atmosphere for everyone coming in.


Peer Support Worker

(Mon, Tue, Wed)

Dr. Laura Matemisz

Medical Doctor

(Tuesday Alternate Doctor)

Dr. Matemisz is an emergency physician working at Comox Valley Hospital with a special interest in addictions medicine. After seeing a rise in the number of overdoses in the Comox Valley, she began working to help patients struggling with substance use. When not at the hospital or CVAC, she can be found on the trails with her many dogs.

Dr. Mark Viljoen

Medical Doctor

(Tuesday Alternate Doctor)

Dr. Viljoen is a family doctor, originally from South Africa. He has worked in diverse locations from Nunavut to Vancouver’s downtown Eastside. He has an interest in addiction medicine and is International Society of Addiction Medicine certified.

Dr. Jack Bryant

Medical Doctor




Shayla Huber


Shayla graduated from U of A in 2007 with a second B.Sc. in Pharmacy. From 2008-2021, she worked in a variety of community pharmacies throughout Alberta, BC, the Yukon and Nunavut. The places she felt most needed and valuable were the pharmacies with a greater focus on Opioid Use Disorders. By 2021, all community pharmacies had become too fast-food and profit-driven for her. She approached Dr. Hemmerich with the novel idea to create a pharmacy focused exclusively on Substance Use Disorders. The rest, they say, is history. Two of Shayla’s proudest moments were firefighting with the Dashwood Fire Department and creating a safe place where the marginalized, struggling and overlooked, can get treatment and respect. “I believe that with love and intention, positive change can happen. If we create a village with love and intention, we can help to heal our community.”

June Feucht


June is a licensed pharmacist with over 16 years of experience. She finds her work meaningful in helping stigmatized and vulnerable individuals reach their goals through addiction medication management. Outside work, June spends time with her teenagers, walking her dog, gardening and cooking up new recipes.